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Quick Bathroom Fixes

1. Foggy mirror – Short of replacing the ventilation system for your bathroom (which should be considered if the problem is really bad) use Rain-X anti fog wipes on your mirror, they are available in the automotive section.

2.Toilet rocks – If you have tightened your toilet all the way down and it still seems loose buy some plastic shims at your local hardware store and shim it up so the toilet sits tight. If it is leaking water from the base this is a bigger problem, however it could be a worn out wax seal.

3. Giving the neighbors a free show? You can get a window treatment at most home centers and hardware stores that will provide privacy and not block natural light. The films run from about 80 dollars to 115 dollars per roll and will treat two windows. You can also buy them online by the foot (roughly 10 dollars a foot). Just Google window privacy film.